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Wholesale inquiries

I am happy to consider selling wholesale to brick-and-mortar yarn shops, quilt and fabric stores, gift shops and other related businesses. I will not sell to Etsy or Facebook vendors as I also sell retail using these venues at this time.

A minimum order of $200 US is required on initial orders with pre-payment by e-transfer or check. Once we have established a business relationship I can offer Net 30 days on accounts in good standing.

I carry limited stock on hand but as these items are hand-made it is possible there will be a wait for orders to be filled.

All shipping and (if appropriate) Customs fees are the responsibility of the customer. Orders are fulfilled in Victoria, BC Canada so international shipments will take longer than within the USA.

Begin the process by completing and submitting the wholesale application form. I will contact you. If your application is accepted you will be given access to the wholesale pricing lists and provided an order form.

Thank you,

Barb Alexander
250-658-2612 (Pacific time zone)